One Tree Hill is a show that airs on CW.      It centers around some early 20 somethings as they experience life after college.     The show doesn’t normally fall on the radar of my DVR, but it will tonight.   The listing for the show includes, Chase asks Alex to take a drug test.  I don’t know how the episode will play out, or whether Alex has a drug problem on the show, but this is a good example of how loved ones, using drug testing, to save the people they love.

In talking with parents, many say they feel that drug testing their child at home is not a sign of love.     However, talk with a parent who lost their child to drugs.   They will tell you that they didn’t love them enough.    They didn’t recognize the signs.   They didn’t address the problems.    Oftentimes, family members, especially parents, are the last ones to admit that their teenager has a problem.

Remember.   You test them because you love them.

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