Americans are rejoicing the elimination of the world’s number one terrorist.    Osama Bin Laden and his forces terrorized the world.  The most devastating day, of course, was September 11th.

The move to eradicate Bin Laden was a move to protect our future.      unfortunately, many Americans take their future for granted.   Most people (including a big percentage of those celebrants in Times Square and outside the White House) hadn’t thought about Osama Bin Laden in a very long time.      There was a general complacency in society.   Today people are cheering, but some time in the next week or so terrorism will fall into the back of their minds.

Drug use is like terrorism.   It is around constantly, it is deadly, and it can strike at any time.     Many parents may briefly ponder teen alcohol and drug use, but they don’t take it seriously.    They need to send a message.     Parents need to be pro-active.  They need family intelligence.   Parents first should be vigilant by asking questions.   Communication is key.

But there’s a weapon they should also use.   A home drug test is like the parents’ version of Navy Seals.     It protects the future of your teen.    If there is an issue, you detect it and eliminate it as soon as possible.

The correlation may be silly, but the issues are not.  Drug addiction is a serious problem.   Days before authorizing the attack on Bin Laden, the President’s office released a write-up on the epidemic of teen prescription abuse.     2500 kids try drugs for the first time every day.      The statistics are real.   The threat is real.

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