Most teens will say they’ve never seen drugs around school or in the community.     That’s probably a lie.   Pills are almost as popular as pot these days on campus.     Kids take them right from the medicine cabinet and either use them, or sell them for as much as $40.

There was a great article in the Indy Star written by two teenagers.    It talks about Oxycodone and how 12-17 year olds are finding that pills ease the “pain” of life, better than some of the popular drugs from 20-30 years ago.

There is a link to the article down below.    I invite you to read it, especially if you are a skeptical parent.   You know who you are.   You continually say that your kids would never do drugs.   You say that you could detect your teen’s drug use in a minute.   You say you’d never need a drug test in your home.

Well I think the article by these teens is proof positive that you don’t know your children as well as you think you do, and that you should consider better communication, and yes, even a home drug test kit.

If you are curious about home drug tests, you can click here.

Teensavers wants you to read this story with an open mind, and remember this is coming from the mouths of two teens not even old enough to drive.