As families, these are the times we cherish most.    The school year is winding down, and we are taking family trips to theme parks, or destinations by land, sea, or air.     Everyone appreciates the family spring break trip.    Most are fun, safe, and treasures to remember.   They typically do not end up like the Griswolds’ vacations.     While those mini disasters are fictional comedy for us to enjoy, there are serious concerns to remember during these vacations.

Teens with more free time are looking for things to do.  Unfortunately, drugs become one of the things they “play around with.”     Kids attend more parties during this time.    Teens bring more than alcohol to these parties.   Marijuana is abundantly plentiful.   It shows up in candy bars, brownies, and other baked goods.     Believe it or not, some teens think that marijuana is safer if it isn’t smoked.    The pot brownies start becoming more attractive.

It’s a good ideas to have a home drug test in the family home.    Parents can allow their teens to enjoy their spring break, with the understanding that the test will be there.

As more school crack down on prom drinking and drug use, parents should be more vigilant as well.    More school districts are utilizing breathalyzers at the dancers, to detect alcohol.   But what they won’t catch are the teens who just ate a big pot laced candy bar.     Kids will be higher than a kite at the dance, and then can continue their drinking at their hotel rooms.

Parents need to be vigilant in summer as well.   While teens often turn to drugs during the school year, as a way to cope, the summer is just an excuse to overuse.