Baseball will weather the storm created by Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez.   I think most people will hate the player, and not the game.

It’s clear, Barry Bonds tried to get an advantage.   Steroids or not, Bonds tried to cheat the game.    It appears Ramirez, like many other former major leaguers, tried to extend his career beyond an age that his body was capable of playing.

Sadly, teens get derailed not only by PEDs, but by substance abuse.   Many young athletes grow up, and first excel in their sport while having fun.   But the fun gives way to a demand to continue performance.   Teens use drugs to cope.   High school athletes smoke pot, drink, and pop pills to “chill.”

Parents who believe their teen may have a shot at a college scholarship, or potentially a professional sports career, should help keep their kids on track.   A Teensavers home drug test is a great way to keep family values intact.

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