Tell California Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization to Pass AB 183 to Ban Alcohol Sales Through Self-Serve Checkout

Protect California’s youth and the public health and safety of all Californians

Easy access to alcohol is a key driver of underage drinking, which in turn causes violent crime, car crashes, and high-risk sex. The rise in self-serve checkout lanes in stores that sell alcoholic beverages is creating a recipe for disaster.

Numerous studies have confirmed that retailers with self-serve checkouts enable young people to either purchase or steal alcoholic beverages. AB 183, authored by Assemblymember Ma (D-San Francisco), provides a unique opportunity to protect California’s youth.

Through our legal system, society acknowledges that dangerous products such as tobacco, medication, and spray paint require greater control at retail outlets. AB 183 would ensure that alcohol sales are similarly controlled to prevent unnecessary alcohol-related harm to youth and adults alike.

Please join Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), California Police Chiefs Association, California Professional Firefighters, California Peace Officers Association, California Narcotic Officers Association, California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC), Riverside Sheriffs’ Association and Marin Institute to tell Assemblymember Hall (D-Compton), Chair of the Committee on Governmental Organization, to Pass AB 183 to protect youth and help reduce alcohol-related harm.