Drug using Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen is making the rounds with home drug tests, in an attempt to resume working, and prove that he is drug free. Sheen, referring to his home drug test as a “cop up in cup”, tested negative for drugs in a test given to him by RadarOnline. Teensavers Home Drug Test kit creator Steve Stahovich, wants Sheen to think of the test kits as more than police evidence collectors. “Charlie himself is proud to show that he tested clean. You would think that he would endorse a product like this, since the tests maintain his recent abstinence from drug use. We want teenagers to embrace this test and be proud that they are not using.” Sheen agreed to submit to a test for RadarOnlne executives, in the public showdown with “two and a half men” creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen is set for an ABC interview Monday night to discuss his drug use, and the fact that he wants to stay clean to continue taping his hit CBS show. Stahovich says that Sheen should want to constantly utilize the cups to show that he is no longer using. “Charlie should have one of these cups on hand at all times. There’s nothing better, once you’ve been branded a user, than testing clean. Everyone out there from family members to Hollywood are doubting that Charlie is drug free. But he has the perfect tool to show that he is currently abstaining from drug use. ”

Stahovich created the Teensavers Home Drug Test to help solve the family problem. He insists that drug use affects more than just the teen user. He maintains that drug use breaks down an entire family. Stahovich says, “You may have a son using. You then have a daughter lying to cover up her brother’s use. The mom refuses to admit that there’s a problem, so she makes excuses for why her son is withdrawn or is performing poorly in school. Then you have the father who is in denial, and puts work and other projects ahead of his son’s health. Families need to address the problem as a unit. The boy needs to admit to the drug use, and volunteer for home drug testing. The sister needs to encourage his sobriety. The mom needs to help with changing the boy’s environment to ensure that he stays drug free. The father needs to give the tests, and be present to help keep the son’s sobriety important.”
Stahovich hopes Sheen encourages other families to embrace the home drug testing. “Charlie may be taking an arrogant stance towards the test, but he’s taking it. People are questioning his drug use, and the best thing you can do to refute those accusations is to test clean. A home drug test really is a life saving cup.”

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