It comes with a warning to viewers, but MTV’s skins needs to come with much more. How about a condom and a ticket to a rehab clinic. The show is more than just risqué. It makes Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives look like Sesame Street.

The show depicts children, as young as 15, involved in intense sexual situations, and drug use is also featured in the show. Defenders say the show is realistic. Good Morning America raised the issue today. They questioned whether or not the show constitutes child pornography. You can see the report here:

If this show is a true depiction of teenage life in America, this is the urgent call for parents to tighten down the grips on their kids. Free wheeling sexuality and nonchalant drug use is not something to take likely with impressionable children. Home drug testing is the best option to ensure that your child is not experimenting with drugs.

America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman says the show raises eyebrows. “Children mimic what they see from infancy through their teen years. They see sex and drug use glorified on TV and the movies, and they think it’s OK. If there is no role model at home, children look to outside role models and often find them through popular music, television, and movie stars. They also have trouble deciphering whether this open sexuality and drug use is fiction, and is acceptable in society. Children are trying sex and drugs at younger ages. This is why there needs to be communication at home, and I also recommend home drug testing. The Myteensavers Home Drug Test Kit builds the relationship and trust between parents and children.”

A teen who experiments with drugs can become and addict in the blink of an eye. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem in our society, and Chapman treats adolescent abusers. He recommends the Myteensavers Home Drug Test Kit.