Monday night parents will gather at a Massachusetts high school for a big event.     It isn’t a basketball game.  It isn’t Back to School Night, and it isn’t Open House.       Parents don’t really have an option to attend.  It’s mandatory.   And if you blow it off, your star shortstop, quarterback, or shooting guard may be taken out of the game.    The mandatory meetings also affect students who participate in clubs.   So singers, actors, dancers, and cheerleaders also could be put on the sidelines or kicked off stage.     Principal Layne Millington says the move is necessary.   Drugs are a problem in his school.   Despite only a handful of on-campus drug or alcohol related situations, Millington told the Salem News that the problem is growing larger in the surrounding communities.

While the mandatory meeting has some parents angered, radio show hosts, columnists, and bloggers are launching into their own tirades.    Somebody should be honoring this principal.    Parents refuse to see or listen to what’s going on around them.   Many parents avoid talking about drugs with their kids.    Drug testing should be mandatory in high school.   Millington is trying to keep these kids straight.    His job is to protect, educate, and help guide these teens into adulthood.

“Principal Millington is setting the right example for educators across the country.   He is gathering parents and informing them that the drug problem and the drug culture are both very real,” says America‘s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman.     Chapman has 30 years of experience treating addiction and helping people find sobriety.      Chapman says, “Teachers and educators are paid to stand in a class and instruct kids.    This principal is raising the bar, highlighting the few educators who really take that extra step to improve not just mind of students, but their lives.  If your school was a potential terrorist target, wouldn’t you want the principal to inform you immediately?  Wouldn’t you want it to be mandatory?  Well, it is!  And, the “bombs” are the drugs that are going off, damaging and killing our kids high school around the country.  The only question is, who’s next?”

For some parents this isn’t an issue.  Some already use home drug test kits to make sure their child is living a drug-free life.   If you need information about Home Drug Tests or more about finding help for your loved one, contact the Teensavers teams