Tis the season for a Teensavers home drug test. Start 2011 drug free and with a clean teen!

Teensavers home drug tests reveal if your teen has been naughty or nice! Kids are off school and celebrating the holiday season just like adults; using drugs and alcohol. Start 2011 with a clean new year for your teen.


PRLog (Press Release)Dec 21, 2010 – Teensavers (http://Myteensavers.com) wants to know; has your teen been naughty or nice?   While that question, when applied to young children, is typically adorable, it’s far more serious when it comes to children ages 12 and up.   December is the time of year to deck the halls, wrap the presents, and celebrate the season with loved ones.  Unfortunately it’s also the time to abuse alcohol and drugs.
Adults aren’t the only ones who hit the egg nog or the bong.    With the numerous holiday events this month, teens have more opportunities to take advantage of their parents liquor stash or medicine cabinet.    As parents go to work parties and holiday gatherings with friends, they leave the house vacant for teens to spend a couple of hours drinking and doing drugs.    And every teen knows a friend who is going out of town with their family.    Those teens also know where the spare key is hidden, the code to the garage, or which window is always left unlocked at the home.
America‘s Parenting Coach,”  Tim Chapman, founder of Chapman House Rehab and Teensavers, says that this is a time of year when parents need to be most vigilant.  “Kids are out of school.  They are bored.  They are looking to get high.   They spend the school year waiting to get drunk and high on Friday and Saturday nights.   During the holiday break, this is two consecutive weeks of Friday and Saturday nights.”   Chapman has devoted more than 30 years treating substance abuse patients.     He says that this is the time of year when parents are out having fun with their friends, and unfortunately they take their eyes off their teens.      “It only takes one night, one pill, and one wrong decision to lead to one funeral,” says Chapman.
Chapman says home drug testing is the best way to ensure that a teen is not abusing drugs.   “If you have a child who is 13 years or older,  it’s highly likely, they know another teen who is drinking or doing drugs.   There is also a strong chance that your 13-year-old has tried drugs or alcohol.   If you aren’t going to drug test them through the holidays, make sure you test them January 1st.”
The 12-panel Teensavers home drug test kit detects marijuana, opaiates, cocaine, Oxycontin, benzodiazapines, PCP, Methamphamines, Ecstasy (MDMA), and several other substances.    It doesn’t just give you results.   It provides you with a total solution for your family.   Testing is only part of the solution.     Teensavers home drug tests come with trained counselors who will take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in finding the best solution for your family.  Teensavers is affiliated with some of the top treatment centers in the country.
The 12-panel Teensavers home drug test is priced at $39.95.    At a time of year when you spend $40 on a bottle of wine for your boss or neighbor, wouldn’t you spend that money for peace of mind?    Start the new year with a drug free family.   Start the new year the Teensavers way.

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Founded by President Steve Stahovich, a long time recovery and addiction specialist, Teensavers Diagnostics Inc. (http://myteensavers.com) is an ally to parents who suspect their teen may be using narcotics. We are the latest generation in home drug testing kits, offering a total solution, and not just results. We are endorsed by America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman, founder of Chapman House.

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