If you haven’t seen the show, you’ve certainly heard about it.  A&E TV‘s Intervention.    The show that features men, women, and teens struggling with substance abuse is a hit on cable television.   The hour long shows are very powerful, and sometimes it is tough to watch a person’s struggles.   It is hard to sit and watch loved ones enabling them, buying their alcohol, giving them money, or allowing the addicts to use and steal from them.

The toughest part about the show is finding out whether or not the people profiled on the show are successfully sober.   The leading treatment specialists appear on the show, after the show’s Interventionists do their craft.    This week, “Amercia’s Parenting Coach”  Tim Chapman, founder of Teensavers and the Chapman House rehab, took in a sick person.  Details cannot be revealed, but the episode is due to air in the coming months.

If you have a loved one facing a serious problem, get them help.  If you are unsure if your child is using drugs, home drug test them.  It’s the easiest way to detect and help solve a serious problem.   The Teensavers home drug test kit is a total solution.    The product’s step by step guide, provides you with access to trained counselors who will guide your family down the best path to treatment and sobriety.