More middle schoolers are messing around with marijuana!   Teensavers home drug test kits can help detect the problem before they get into high school.

The National Institute of Health released the Monitoring the Future study (MTF) today and it shows a 16% increase in illicit drug use by teens.  The biggest jumps were in marijuana and ecstasy use by kids as young as 8th grade.    The survey polled 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students.   Is this the warning call for parents to use a teensavers home drug test kit?

When it comes to recent marijuana use over the last 30 days,  more 12th graders (21.4%) say they smoked marijuana than teens who smoked cigarettes (19.2%).

One other spike in the study — the use of ecstasy by teens.   2.4% of 8th grade students reported using ecstasy, an increase from the previous 1.3% report.  4.7% of 10th graders said they had used ecstasy, up from the 3.7% from the previous reporting period.     “There figures are not surprising.  More kids think that marijuana is OK.  More kids think the drug culture is cool,” says “America’s Parenting Coach” and 30-year treatment specialist Tim Chapman. Chapman who founded Chapman House and the teensavers treatment program believes that parents are missing out on educating their kids. “We need to reverse this mentality that pot is harmless, and that it’s cool to smoke marijuana. Parents need to step up by drug testing their teens.”

Marijuana isn’t the only choice for kids.  Recent SAMHSA stats showed that kids as young as 9 were using drugs.   Prescription drugs are the second most common way for kids to get high.   When it comes to prescriptions, kids see the pills as an easy and free high.

The teensavers home drug test kit, available at, detects a variety of drugs not limited to, but including marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Ecstasy, Opiates, Amphetamines, PCP, Barbituates, and Oxcycodone. Parents can use the hassle free and mess free drug test to immediately detect the problem privately and accurately. Parents can administer the FDA approved tests in the privacy of their own home and have the results back within two minutes. The results maintain laboratory accuracy and a complete follow up plan included with the kit helps parents start their teen on the road to recovery. The teensaver home drug test is the perfect answer to preventing a vicious cycle of teen drug use. The NIH study also showed that while marijuana remains the top choice for teens who use illicit drugs, prescription drugs are the second highest options. “Teens have easy access to their parents or grandparents’ medicine cabinets,” Chapman says. “As with alcohol, most adults can’t tell when a sip is missing out of the liquor cabinet. They also can’t tell when a pill is missing out of the medicine cabinet.”