It seems few organizations are immune to budget cuts.   The economy has hit many industries, and city, state, and national run organizations are facing shortfalls as well.   Cities and states no longer have the padding to fill in budget holes.   Oftentimes they have to scrape away programs to balance the books.    According to the Rye Patch of, the New York city of Rye is facing a serious problem.   One officer is taking a stand against the cuts.

For 30 years Detective John Wood has been an officer with the city’s poalice department.  The last 15 years, he’s been the city’s D.A.R.E. officer.   In addition to spreading the “say no to drugs” message, Wood leads the Youth Bureau that supports the school system.   But it appears the Rye Superintendent believes that D.A.R.E. education is ineffective, and covered sufficiently in 8th and 10th grades.

Unfortunately, there are 2500 initiates of drug use every day.   This included children as young as 9.   The bulk of them are 13-17.   These teens need programs like D.A.R.E.   Yes, having the program in the lower grades, makes an impression on kids.   But children need to hear messages over and over again.   How many times do parents have to tell their kids  to clean their rooms?   Like a parent, D.A.R.E. reinforces the drug free message.     Yes it’s not easy for school districts to cut textbooks or curriculum, but don’t reduce this critical life saving education to teens.