Had a conversation with Nathan Kilgore and have an update to his remarkable story.    If you are not familiar with his shocking phone call, you can click here.    It seems to have the same honest revealing qualities as the nerdy apple bottom blog in which a woman outed her son.   If you live under a rock, and you aren’t familiar with this story click here.

He shared that his son was a teen that he met many years ago that he and his wife took in.   They treat him and care for him as a son (including the family Christmas card.)    He said he never tested the boy.

He does now!    Kilgore says, “I think it (home drug testing) is a fine idea.    You would certainly expect a parent to check their kids’ sugar level if they were a diabetic.    Addiction is considered by the majority of people to be a disease; why would it be any different.”     Kilgore has been writing for Examiner.com in the Baltimore area and writes his own parenting blog at Nathankilgore.com.

Nathan’s story is an example of how he found out accidentally that his teen was using prescription drugs.   He should consider himself lucky.     Unfortunately, too many parents believe they’d notice a change in their teen’s behavior or attitude if they started using drugs.    It doesn’t matter if it’s marijuana or percoset, parents often miss the signs of drug use.

Tim Chapman, CSAC, and founder of the Chapman House and Teensavers says that parents should contact a drug treatment specialist before trying to conduct their own intervention.   Luckily Nathan’s son responded when he came home that night.   It took an incredible amount of parenting and bravery for Nathan to confront his son’s problem head on.   Now the treatment system is in place, and as Nathan shares, the family makes adjustments as necessary (skips work, functions, etc) to help keep their son on track.

If you suspect a family member is using drugs, consider a Myteensavers home drug test.     Home drug testing may be the only way for you to see if your family member is using drugs.