We’ve all seen the story make the rounds.   The mom who detailed that her young son, a fan of the cartoon Scooby doo, wanted to dress up as Daphne for Halloween.   It was viral.   A woman outing her son, commenting on it, and allowing others to comment on her life.  If you live in a cave and are unfamiliar, you can read the posting here.

      Well just recently a reporter with Examiner.com (an internet news site where people submit stories for small compensation) made his own admission.   His son was hooked on prescription drugs.   He had no idea.   He and his wife found out on accident, while sitting in the living room.  Prescription drug abuse among teens is skyrocketing.  There are many news stories and statistical postings, but very little personal stories about how this ambushes a family.

      Nathan Kilgore writes for Baltimore’s Examiner edition.   He writes about teen issues.  Little did he know he had his own issue inside the home.    His son is getting help, ironically because of a phone call he made to his parents.   See Nathan’s wife was puzzled when the cellphone rang saying that Nathan was calling her.    Turns out, their son was in the car and somehow the phone accidentally dialed their number.

      They soon figured out what happened when they heard their son talking in the background.   What they heard next broke their hearts.   You can read Nathan’s shocking admission in his article right here.

      Nathan and his wife are in a better place now because their son is getting help.    But they never had a clue that their teen had a prescription drug habit.   Nobody can really imagine that their son or daughter would be cruising the streets looking for pills.   It happens more than you think.   And their son also admitted that he stole from friends and family to fuel his drug habit.

      The point here is that only experts can tell when a teen is on drug.   You may think you know your teen but unless you’re a trained expert in noticing drug use, it will pass right underneath your nose.   Too many parents think they have an eye for discovering a teen hooked on drugs.   They do not.    Chances are they won’t be notified like Nathan and his wife.   That was a pure crap shoot.    The Kilgore family came out OK .   The next family may not.

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