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The question is frequently asked, how is the Teensavers Home Drug Test kit,, different from others on the market.   We have the EXACT reason why you should trust and buy only the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits.

First of all, the issue of bringing the test home to your child is already a tough one for families to make.   Nobody wants the task of asking their child to pee in the cup.   But if you want to ensure your child is clean, this is the best way to make it happen.   People talk about masking agents and substitute urine samples, but if you catch your teen at the right time, they can’t always be carrying around a warm replacement specimen (remember, the urine needs to be about a certain temperature.)

When it comes to testing your child, we know you want exact results.  That’s why we developed the latest generation of test kits that provide you with the EXACT thing you need; a total program!

Ease:    No parent wants to play laboratory technician,  put on rubber gloves, or be covered in their teen’s urine.  They want to find out if their teen is using marijuana, opiates, or oxycontin.     This is probably the biggest hesitation for parents who want to test their kids.    Many of the other drug tests have strips you dip into the urine and hold onto.  As you wait for a result, the sample drips all over you or the floor.  The Teensavers home drug tests have a sealed lid.  The urine filters into the specially designed grooves of the cup, reaching the strips for a clean result.  Your have the results in around 90 seconds.

eXperience:  The treatment specialists and scientists who perfected the Teensavers Home Drug Test kit each have decades of experience in the addiction and toxicology fields.  Teensavers counselors, who take your calls after that positive test, are trained to guide your family to specific treatment centers and experts based on your needs.  Most importantly, the makers of the Teensavers Home Drug Test kit has joined forces with several top name treatment facilities across the country to help your family through their darkest moments.  These facilities include: Valley Hope, Morning Side Recovery, CRC Health Care, National Therapeutic, Chapman House Recovery, Sober Living By The Sea, Second Nature Treatment Centers, Betty Ford Center, Hazelden Treatment Center, Pat Moore Foundation, Cottonwood De Tucson, Visions Treatment Center.    We are also endorsed by America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman, a 30 year treatment and addiction specialist.

Accuracy:  The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit follows the strictest standards set by the FDA.   The most popular test, the 12-panel Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit, tests for:
-Tricyclic Antidepressants

The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit accuracy rate is 99.9%.   The FDA has given the Teensavers Home Drug Test kit its stamp of approval.   You can have confidence when you buy a Teensavers Home Drug Test, that it will maintain government standards, and will have government approval.  Many of the other products on the market are illegally made, and not backed by the FDA.   Do not trust your child’s health with one of these unregulated test kits.

Clarity:  Each Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit comes with a thorough instruction manual, so that you have step by step guidance on how to administer the test.   Reading the results could not be easier.   Unlike many of the other test kits on the market, the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit has a single strip for each drug tested.   This provides you with the clearest possible way to read the results.    No matter if you buy a 5 panel, 7 panel, or 12 panel drug test, the results will be crystal clear.  One line is positive.  Two lines are negative.  It’s that simple.  If you are testing for PCP, it will show up on the PCP only panel.   If you are testing for Benzodiazapines, that will show up on its own strip.    Some tests double up the drugs on one panel.    That can make it very difficult to detect what your teen may be using.   In a time of family crisis, you do not want to be asking yourself, “Is she/he using marijuana or MDMA (ecstasy?).”    You can’t chance making that first call for help and asking a treatment specialist, addiction specialist, or drug counselor about helping your child get off the wrong drug.  The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit has a privacy strip, that even your teen won’t know what they test positive for.   Only the parent pulling back the patented privacy strip will be able to know the results.

Total Solution:   The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit picks up where most drug test kits leave off.   Teensavers cares about your family, and included with the test kits is a 24/7 support care center to help parents with their needs.   They are trained to evaluate your child’s condition and are able to make a recommendation to a treatment center.  At your request, they can refer you to Interventionists, certified counselors,  or treatment facilities to help your loved one find sobriety.

There’s no doubt, most of us are done shopping this holiday season.    Of course, the mall parking lots will be filled today, and heads of severe procrastinators will line up at cash registers at nearly every retail outlet.   Some stores, like Toys R Us and Old Navy, had at least one night of all-night shopping madness.

But now as we join our families for Christmas, we are reminded how precious our loved ones are.   We feel blessed to spend this time with parents, siblings, or children.    If we’ve lost someone special, we take time to reflect on their passing, and remember the good times.   It is often around this time that we realize that we may spend a little too much time worrying about our own struggles, whether it be our work, finances, or relationships, and not worrying enough about the struggles of loved ones.

Many drug problems go unnoticed until the addiction is severe.   Drug users often hide their little “hobby” from family and friends.  2010 is almost over.  Over the next 7 days, users will make excuses to smoke a little here or snort a little there.  Maybe they have trouble being around family members, so they get high to avoid the nerves of family conflict.   Maybe they view the days leading up to New Year‘s Eve as the “party before the party.”      You know, they’ve got a plan.  A little marijuana through Christmas and maybe some Benzos or Oxycontin through the week.   “Hey there’s no work this week, right?”  Then they ring in the New Year at a big party with some Methamphetamine and Ecstasy.

When you are with your family, take the time to really talk with a loved one.   Look to see if they are doing well.   Check to see if they might be drinking too much alcohol at these family functions.  Could they be withdrawn?   Are they showing signs of drug use?    Being a parent is a full time job.   But you have the power to influence your children and other loved ones into making the right choices.

As you look ahead to 2011, make sure the new year means a clean year for your family.    If you are a parent and you use, you are setting up your children to follow in your path.   If you are drug-free, take the time to be informed about drug use, so that your children will be drug free in 2011.   America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman, has written two books that may help you.   He also endorses a home drug test kit that could be a life saver in your home.   The kit isn’t just a scientific test, it’s the door to solving your loved one’s drug problem.

First the books:



This book, sold on right here, is described on the site as:

A must read for parents of pre-teens, teenagers and adult children.

It is a different world we live in today. No parent or child is adequately prepared to deal with this day and age. Just over a century ago our families traveled in horseless carriages. If you wanted to talk to someone you had to actually meet with them. And while today we talk on cell phones while satellites orbit overhead, we have yet to figure a way to meet our life sustaining, emotional need for intimacy, particularly within our family.

In an easy to understand and simple format, Chapman shows parents how to keep or recapture their relationship with their children, regardless of their age. He teaches the reader the difference between feelings, thoughts and behaviors in a simple format that will change your life. He helps the reader to understand themselves and thus how to pass this skill onto their children.

The Power of Parental Influence also addresses today s new problem of kids living at home far past the time when they should grow-up and move out.

The reader will learn responsible and shame-free methods of motivating their adult child to move out of the house and into their adult lives.

Above all, this book will teach anyone how to deal with their feelings.



Tim’s other book, Addictionary, is a great tool for families coping with a drug using relative.


You can find this book on right here.   This is the description of the book on the retailer’s website.

ARE YOU AN ADDICT? IS SOMEONE YOU KNOW AN ADDICT? ARE YOU SURE? YOU WILL HAVE A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF ADDICTION AFTER READING THIS BOOK. This is an informative, entertaining book that was ahead of its time in 1993 when it was first published. Since That time, every addiction imaginable has been mentioned in the media and between individuals. ADDICTIONARY includes 78 types of addiction. Now the Author has updated the ADDICTIONARY and it remains a leading edge tool for the lay person, as well as, professionals needing accurate information regarding different types of addictions. It is great material for discussion groups. ADDICTIONARY is a great book to facilitate conversations at therapy sessions, educational events, and even at parties. It is a powerful tool that outlines real symptoms based on solid research on addiction. ADDICTIONARY is reader friendly and was written by a 30-year veteran counselor who is also recovering from his own addiction. In an easy to understand and simple format, Chapman defines and presents addiction in a manner that engages the reader.


Once you are armed with the knowledge of drug use and addiction, decide whether or not your family needs home drug testing.   The Teensavers home drug test kit scans for many drugs, and will help ensure that your children grow up drug free.



December 22, 2010


Happy Holidays.  I wish you all a safe, drug free holiday.  We all know that there’s nothing is worse than a practicing drug addict spoiling a family holiday.  If you have one in your family, surprise them this year with a Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit.  They will either thank you or they be insulted.  Either way, they will get the mesage that their drug use is unacceptable to you, and perhaps, just perhaps, the will not use drugs before visitng your house this year.
A 12-panel Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit detects for numerous substances, including marijuana, heroin and other opiates, cocaine, Oxycontin, Methodone, Benzodiazpines, Ecstasy (MDMA), and Methamphetamines.

Tim Chapman
“America’s Parenting Coach”

Tis the season for a Teensavers home drug test. Start 2011 drug free and with a clean teen!

Teensavers home drug tests reveal if your teen has been naughty or nice! Kids are off school and celebrating the holiday season just like adults; using drugs and alcohol. Start 2011 with a clean new year for your teen.


PRLog (Press Release)Dec 21, 2010 – Teensavers ( wants to know; has your teen been naughty or nice?   While that question, when applied to young children, is typically adorable, it’s far more serious when it comes to children ages 12 and up.   December is the time of year to deck the halls, wrap the presents, and celebrate the season with loved ones.  Unfortunately it’s also the time to abuse alcohol and drugs.
Adults aren’t the only ones who hit the egg nog or the bong.    With the numerous holiday events this month, teens have more opportunities to take advantage of their parents liquor stash or medicine cabinet.    As parents go to work parties and holiday gatherings with friends, they leave the house vacant for teens to spend a couple of hours drinking and doing drugs.    And every teen knows a friend who is going out of town with their family.    Those teens also know where the spare key is hidden, the code to the garage, or which window is always left unlocked at the home.
America‘s Parenting Coach,”  Tim Chapman, founder of Chapman House Rehab and Teensavers, says that this is a time of year when parents need to be most vigilant.  “Kids are out of school.  They are bored.  They are looking to get high.   They spend the school year waiting to get drunk and high on Friday and Saturday nights.   During the holiday break, this is two consecutive weeks of Friday and Saturday nights.”   Chapman has devoted more than 30 years treating substance abuse patients.     He says that this is the time of year when parents are out having fun with their friends, and unfortunately they take their eyes off their teens.      “It only takes one night, one pill, and one wrong decision to lead to one funeral,” says Chapman.
Chapman says home drug testing is the best way to ensure that a teen is not abusing drugs.   “If you have a child who is 13 years or older,  it’s highly likely, they know another teen who is drinking or doing drugs.   There is also a strong chance that your 13-year-old has tried drugs or alcohol.   If you aren’t going to drug test them through the holidays, make sure you test them January 1st.”
The 12-panel Teensavers home drug test kit detects marijuana, opaiates, cocaine, Oxycontin, benzodiazapines, PCP, Methamphamines, Ecstasy (MDMA), and several other substances.    It doesn’t just give you results.   It provides you with a total solution for your family.   Testing is only part of the solution.     Teensavers home drug tests come with trained counselors who will take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in finding the best solution for your family.  Teensavers is affiliated with some of the top treatment centers in the country.
The 12-panel Teensavers home drug test is priced at $39.95.    At a time of year when you spend $40 on a bottle of wine for your boss or neighbor, wouldn’t you spend that money for peace of mind?    Start the new year with a drug free family.   Start the new year the Teensavers way.

# # #

Founded by President Steve Stahovich, a long time recovery and addiction specialist, Teensavers Diagnostics Inc. ( is an ally to parents who suspect their teen may be using narcotics. We are the latest generation in home drug testing kits, offering a total solution, and not just results. We are endorsed by America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman, founder of Chapman House.

To contact Teensavers Diagnostics about our total solution home drug test kit, or if you are a pharmacist or medical distributor, call 866-728-7833 or visit our website at

Teensavers Diagnostics sister company Independent Drug Testing Supply, manufactures business drug test kits and has been supplying hospitals, jails, and corporations for years. If you are a company interested in our business model drug test kits, contact us at (949) 727-3750 or on the internet at

If you haven’t seen the show, you’ve certainly heard about it.  A&E TV‘s Intervention.    The show that features men, women, and teens struggling with substance abuse is a hit on cable television.   The hour long shows are very powerful, and sometimes it is tough to watch a person’s struggles.   It is hard to sit and watch loved ones enabling them, buying their alcohol, giving them money, or allowing the addicts to use and steal from them.

The toughest part about the show is finding out whether or not the people profiled on the show are successfully sober.   The leading treatment specialists appear on the show, after the show’s Interventionists do their craft.    This week, “Amercia’s Parenting Coach”  Tim Chapman, founder of Teensavers and the Chapman House rehab, took in a sick person.  Details cannot be revealed, but the episode is due to air in the coming months.

If you have a loved one facing a serious problem, get them help.  If you are unsure if your child is using drugs, home drug test them.  It’s the easiest way to detect and help solve a serious problem.   The Teensavers home drug test kit is a total solution.    The product’s step by step guide, provides you with access to trained counselors who will guide your family down the best path to treatment and sobriety.

On the heels of our earlier report that Melissa Gilbert was speaking out about teen and family drug issues as the new spokesperson for The Partnership of, we have another celebrity sharing their personal story.   Amanda Beard, US Olympic swimming phenom and gold medalist is going to share her stories of growing up a drug and alcohol user.    Beard, who also suffered from eating disorders, will reveal the intimate and dark part of her life in a new memoir that she is writing.    It is called In the water They can’t see you cry.

Beard, who seemingly has always had a smile on her face, says the memoir is more about helping others, than satisfying her own need to tell her story.  Beard has said in recent interviews that she hopes the memoir “will help others, especially high school and college-aged women, who may be dealing with some of the same issues.”    It will be interesting to see if she was a drug and alcohol user around the time she was training for both the 1996 Olympic Games and the 2004 Olympic Games.

Each time a celebrity comes forward with their admission of  drug use, it further dispels the silly myth that some believe that drug and alcohol use is only prevalent in bad neighborhoods, with bad teens, in low income families.   Beard is an example of someone who grew up in a great community with good parents.    But even in the best communities, there is heavy drinking and drug use by students in high school and college.   Even in the best communities, home drug testing is needed.   Lets hope her memoir helps out teen females recognize that lifestyle is not one to follow.

Amanda Beard at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Co...

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Melissa Gilbert‘s celebrity power may not reach teens.   After all, it’s been a long time since she was a teen star, and she’s no longer the Olsen Twins, Lindsay Lohan, or Demi Lovato of her day.    But that’s OK.    Gilbert, the new spokesperson for The partnership at, isn’t trying to share her message of sobriety with teens.    She’s reaching out to people her own age.

AOL contributor David Moye profiled Gilbert and her new mission; educating parents on teen drug use.   You can see all of David’s article on AOL, right here. Gilbert opens up with her family’s struggles.   She talks about one of her teen’s severe battle with drug use.    This is the type of role model parents need today.    Parents think they can recognize the sign of a teen’s drug use, but they can’t until it’s too late.

Gilbert’s best and most poignant quote to Moye, “”So, I just came to this epiphany that I had this kid who was addicted to cocaine and none of us had a clue, and if we were clueless, imagine how many other parents are clueless.”   Gilbert’s position as the spokesperson for The Partnership is a welcome sign to addiction counselors and treatment specialists.

Tim Chapman, founder of the Chapman House rehab more than 30 years ago, says this is the positive role model parents need.   “Sometimes parents have to stop and say, “gee, if this could happen to Melissa Gilbert’s children, this could happen to my kids.””   Chapman applauds Gilbert’s active role in educating parents.   “Schools are educating kids.  We (counselors) are educating kids.   Sadly, parents are not educating their kids.   Adults sometimes believe that it’s a given that kids just know that drugs are bad.   If it takes a celebrity to preach what I’ve been preaching for thirty years, I am all for it.   My stance has always been that if you educating parents, you keep the family drug free.”

Chapman recommends that parents utilize Teensavers home drug tests to help keep their kids in check.   “I’ve heard all of the possible arguments from both parents and teens why the drug tests shouldn’t be in the home,” says Chapman.   “I tell every single one of them that there is no stronger argument for them, than a funeral for a child.”

Chapman’s words ring true from thousands of families who have lost a child to drug use.    Testing for drugs isn’t invasive or breaking a family bond.   Home drug testing can bring a family closer together.

More middle schoolers are messing around with marijuana!   Teensavers home drug test kits can help detect the problem before they get into high school.

The National Institute of Health released the Monitoring the Future study (MTF) today and it shows a 16% increase in illicit drug use by teens.  The biggest jumps were in marijuana and ecstasy use by kids as young as 8th grade.    The survey polled 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students.   Is this the warning call for parents to use a teensavers home drug test kit?

When it comes to recent marijuana use over the last 30 days,  more 12th graders (21.4%) say they smoked marijuana than teens who smoked cigarettes (19.2%).

One other spike in the study — the use of ecstasy by teens.   2.4% of 8th grade students reported using ecstasy, an increase from the previous 1.3% report.  4.7% of 10th graders said they had used ecstasy, up from the 3.7% from the previous reporting period.     “There figures are not surprising.  More kids think that marijuana is OK.  More kids think the drug culture is cool,” says “America’s Parenting Coach” and 30-year treatment specialist Tim Chapman. Chapman who founded Chapman House and the teensavers treatment program believes that parents are missing out on educating their kids. “We need to reverse this mentality that pot is harmless, and that it’s cool to smoke marijuana. Parents need to step up by drug testing their teens.”

Marijuana isn’t the only choice for kids.  Recent SAMHSA stats showed that kids as young as 9 were using drugs.   Prescription drugs are the second most common way for kids to get high.   When it comes to prescriptions, kids see the pills as an easy and free high.

The teensavers home drug test kit, available at, detects a variety of drugs not limited to, but including marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Ecstasy, Opiates, Amphetamines, PCP, Barbituates, and Oxcycodone. Parents can use the hassle free and mess free drug test to immediately detect the problem privately and accurately. Parents can administer the FDA approved tests in the privacy of their own home and have the results back within two minutes. The results maintain laboratory accuracy and a complete follow up plan included with the kit helps parents start their teen on the road to recovery. The teensaver home drug test is the perfect answer to preventing a vicious cycle of teen drug use. The NIH study also showed that while marijuana remains the top choice for teens who use illicit drugs, prescription drugs are the second highest options. “Teens have easy access to their parents or grandparents’ medicine cabinets,” Chapman says. “As with alcohol, most adults can’t tell when a sip is missing out of the liquor cabinet. They also can’t tell when a pill is missing out of the medicine cabinet.”



A&E TV has numerous breakthrough programs.   Their latest could be a life saver.   It’s called Beyond Scared Straight.   It is a documentary and each episode will focus on children (yes some pre-teens) who have already taken a twisted path headed the wrong direction.   There is a press release below.      If you think your teen is too young to watch this program?  Think again!

This is the type of TV that is needed to counter what is typically glorified on television.  Teens see the money making hustling life of a teen that is benefiting from drugs, violence, and crime.   Take a look at the true tales here.   This is a show that could help your teen see that messing around with drugs, leads to a life behind bars.

A huge applause for A&E to bring this to the airwaves.   Most networks wouldn’t have the guts to bring this programming to the table.  The real question is, will parents have the guts to sit with their children and watch this?   Hopefully they will.





NEW YORK, NY – December 13, 2010 – A&E Network presents “Beyond Scared Straight,” a new series executive produced by Arnold Shapiro and based on his Academy Award and multiple Emmy-Winning documentary “Scared Straight!,” that will profile unique approaches to juvenile crime prevention in prisons around the U.S. The series premieres Thursday, January 13 at 10PM ET/PT with a special 90-minute episode at a women’s prison in central California.

“Scared Straight!” has become an iconic name and a cultural phenomenon over the years. The film made a huge impact – showcasing the radical and effective juvenile intervention program that took place in a New Jersey prison. Since they were created, both the prison program and the film have turned countless kids away from drugs, violence and crime. The power of the original “Scared Straight!” program has inspired dozens of inmate-run intervention programs in men’s and women’s prisons across the country; and this series will showcase several of them. Under the auspices of Arnold Shapiro, “Beyond Scared Straight” profiles the new approach to keeping today’s kids from becoming tomorrow’s convicts.

Much like the original version of “Scared Straight!,” these youthful offender programs put boys and girls of all ethnicities, ranging in age from 13-18, into intensive one-day in-prison sessions that show them the realities of life behind bars. However, in many dramatic ways, these 21st Century programs are very different from the original because today’s youth needs a different approach. For current teens, city streets can be as dangerous as the life they believe exists behind bars. TV, film and music have glorified the gang and prison experience and the task of “scaring” teens is more complicated now than ever. As a result, inmates have had to adapt their methods – making them more a combination of intimidation, information and communication – and the results for the new program have proven to be equally effective.

Each 60-minute episode of “Beyond Scared Straight” will focus on a different prison program in the U.S., following 4 -5 at-risk teens. Viewers will follow them as they attend the program, experience their intensive one-day in-prison session and then follow up with them one-month later to see the lasting impressions the program has left on them.

In the special 90-minute premiere episode, five at-risk teenaged girls get a close-up look at Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, CA. In addition to the grueling day that’s planned, the prison has arranged for an extended stay – a total of 72-hours in prison – for the teens if they can’t convince the inmates they’re going to make positive changes in their lives. The girls range in age from 12 – 17: Leanna, 13, is a preacher’s daughter who loves shoplifting, drugs and alcohol. Pricilla, 15, boasts of having had more than 20 fights and was expelled for threatening to burn her school down. Cecilia, 12, smokes marijuana, drinks regularly and talks proudly about her association with a gang. Her mother happens to be in this prison, and she’s never seen the way her mom lives on the inside until now. Cecilia’s best friend, Desirey, smokes, drinks, shoplifts and associates with gangs. Emily, 17, who is abusive toward her mother, has an explosive attitude that she fuels with excessive drinking and drugs. Seeing for the first time that their lives are out of control, the girls have a chance to make a change or continue on the road to prison.

“Beyond Scared Straight” is produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions for A&E Network. Executive Producer is Arnold Shapiro. Co-Executive Producer is Paul J. Coyne. A&E Executive Producers are Robert Sharenow, Laura Fleury and Jordana Hochman.








Miley Cyrus is an 18-year old teen.   She may be a TV star, movie star, singer, and all around world famous can-do-everything girl, but the truth is she is only 18. video shows Cyrus using a bong and smoking what appears to be Salvia.   If you aren’t familiar with what Salvia is, this paper published by Johns Hopkins University experts should explain it.

Cyrus shouldn’t be persecuted for this.   This is between Cyrus and her parents.   You can’t blame for publishing it.  It’s a great get, and it’s about the four billionth episode of teen celebrity stupidity caught on tape.     But this can be a tool to discuss drugs and peer pressure with your teen.

Families sit around the dinner table and talk about what’s happening at school, what’s happening around the community, and certainly what’s on TV.   You couldn’t have gotten by a TV, newspaper, or the internet last week without seeing this headline.    Parents can use this as an advantage, whether or not they believe in the “what Miley does, my teen will do”, belief that some parents have.   First of all, I think anyone over 14 knows that Cyrus is no role model.    Families should talk to their teens about drugs and alcohol or trying things whether it’s something you smoke or sip.

Salvia isn’t new.   It’s been around for centuries.   It will continue to be here, probably outlasting humans.   But as more teens find ways to utilize products to produce a mind-alerting effect, parents need to be more vigilant.   Communicate with your teen.   Talk to them.    Read them stories from the newspaper about teens dying form drug use.  You are going to tell your child that the stove is hot.   They will touch it anyway.

Being honest with your teen about marijuana or cocaine or ecstasy is important.   Relate stories of drug use from your time.   Most people have probably lost someone they know to drugs or alcohol.   Alert your teen to the dangers.   We know teens are going to make mistakes, but we don’t want those mistakes to be deadly ones.     Home drug testing is another way to keep your teen safe.    Some teens already have to test for school, and many will have to test for a job some day. believes in an educational system for teens and parents.   Teensavers home drug tests are a total program.  They are a solution to the biggest secret in your family.   Don’t be the next family at the funeral home or mortuary planning your child’s services.