A teen’s drug use is a taboo topic for most parents.   Many won’t even address the issue, sternly saying that they “know” their kids are clean, or they just turn a blind eye, not really wanting to know.    But what may be even more taboo is topic of home drug testing a teen.    Some parents love the security that they can find out instantly and privately if little Johnny or Katie are users.     Others believe that it’s a huge invasion of privacy, asking their teens to pee in a cup.

I found a good article on the She Knows Parenting blog.   You can access it HERE.

The author talks to well published Doctor and Harvard Psychiatry Professor Nancy Rappaport.   She offers her guidelines on how to decide if you should test your teen.

  • Why am I concerned?
  • Have I reviewed this with my pediatrician or a mental health counselor?
  • Could something else be causing these symptoms?
  • Is anyone else using drugs or alcohol excessively in the home?
  • Is my child at unsupervised homes or places where parents tacitly encourage drinking or smoking?
  • Am I nagging most of the time or do I have time when we are doing something fun together?

For more information on Dr. Rappaport’s background, please check out her blog, and some of her articles on many fascinating topics covering both child and parental issues.   Her website can be found HERE.