Most people would maintain they’ve never felt a hangover from marijuana.   Sure, we’ve all felt the pounding of a martini bender.   But Prop 19 supporters might be feeling the ill effects of a defeat, that when you take a closer look at it, could have been averted.    The last two weeks found a small push by Hollywood, with several big money guys also kicking into the Prop 19 campaign.    But the last-minute heroics by Zach Galafianakis and even  Snoop Dog were not enough to propel the measure to victory.

Galifianakis on the Bill Maher Show


   Snoop, probably the most open marijuana aficionado in Hollywood recently issued this statement on the prop. “Prop 19, you know where I stand.  Very high.”    But who wouldn’t have expected the rapper to go along with the measure.   The same applies for Willie Nelson, long known for his cravings for cannabis.    But other stars jumped in this time around.   Danny Glover and Melissa Ethridge both lent their support.  

    But take a closer look at the numbers.   Here were the totals as of 8:18AM, according to California’s Secretary of State’s  website.   96.9% of the precincts had reported their numbers.   More than 7,329,000 votes were cast for the Governors race in California, won by Jerry Brown.    When you look at the Prop 19 vote, the NO vote received 3,891,521.   The YES vote earned 3,349,237.   The total: 7,240,758.    That means more people voted for the Governor’s race in California, that Prop 19.   

Jerry Brown California’s Governor-elect


     As polarizing as many thought the race would be, it turned out not to be the case.   I mean how difficult is it to rally a pro-Prop 19 person to walk in, and select one thing, YES on 19?     Supporters are already arguing that they brought the issue of marijuana legalization to the forefront of politics in America, but can they ever get enough votes to enable Prop 19 to pass?

     This is where the next great Hollywood sequel comes in.   One thing is clear, the wave of right-wing politics, crashes somewhere in the middle of Nevada and perhaps the border between Arizona and California.    California selected a predominately democratic government.    But the left-wing trend stops at 19.    I expect in 2012, should the measure make that ballot, you will see something like you saw for President Obama in 2008.    I don’t know if you’ll get the George Clooneys or Brad Pitts involved, but you might see something from white-hot actors like Seth Rogan.    Rogan is very vocal about his marijuana indulgence on the Howard Stern Show.    Perhaps it’s all to keep his high-guy persona, but it seems real.    He could be one of the rising stars to encourage young voters to motivate to the polls.    However motivated marijuana users seems like an oxymoron.

Seth Rogan