The L.A. Times is reporting that the border patrol has found another one of those underground tunnels from Mexico into San Diego.

The tunnel appeared to be complex, spanning 1800 feet, and containing both a ventilation and rail system.   They also seized 20-million tons of marijuana in a connecting warehouse.  The bust was made in Otay Mesa.

There seems to be some Irony that the border patrol would make an enormous bust, hours after Prop 19 was defeated.   Essentially, the marijuana would have been legal had the measure passed.   Of course, no supply of that magnitude would ever be considered legal.   That wouldn’t be the personal stash for the community of Otay Mesa alone.

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The seizure of these drugs, will not keep them off the streets and out of the hands of teenagers.   Parents need to maintain close relationships with their teens, to make sure they are not using any illegal substances.    Only vigilance will ensure your child’s safety.

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