Jodie Sweetin was like most youth actors; cute as a button.   But unfortunately, Sweetin fell into a trap like many of her acting peers.  She turned to drug use when alcohol wasn’t enough.   Today she appeared on NBC’s “Today” to talk with Matt Lauer about her drug use.

You can see that complete interview here:

Sure she’s selling out for the money, but you have to admire a young woman, and a young mother who is sending a message.   Her use of ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin triggered a massive downfall.   But she’s back on her feet.   Hopefully her message inspires teenagers not to fall into her lifestyle of partying and drug abuse.    You may be thinking, “she’s a has been who really only starred in one role.”   I can tell you that the show is still on and remains popular.   My young daughters have probably seen reruns of every episode.   The show had values and was wholesome in nature.    Hopefully Sweetin’s message catches on.

The timing of her book release is key.   Recent drug study figures showed that many teens lie to their parents.   While that isn’t much of a surprise, the surprising factor is that parent’s take their word.    “There are many straight A students in the cemetery,” says Steve Stahovich, president of TeenSaver Diagnostic Inc. and the Myteensaver brand.   He knows. . He’s helped thousands kick their habit, and he’s seen teens battle back after a long history of addiction.